Winter Rafting

Looking for some winter adrenaline and adventure? For those who can’t get enough white water rafting. adventure, if you’re ready for a fun weekend trip or extended stay in some of the best winter raft locales across the country, you’re in luck.

Since most of Raft One’s river is dam controlled, it will be impossible to white water raft on the Ocoee River until spring when the dam opens back up normal river flow to our area. In the meantime, you can still visit us! We offer year-round zip lining and lodging for up to 60 people. We are the perfect adventure spot to visit among surrounding area attractions, or as the headquarters for a family gathering among to holidays for a family of adventure seekers.

White water rafting is extreme in its nature, however adding in the invariable challenges of winter make white water rafting additionally intense. Unless you are planning to travel abroad to a warmer climate, the US weather conditions during the winter months will make your ride memorable – but possibly not for the reasons you intended. Even in Colorado, one of the most popular places for white water rafting, you will be hard pressed to find a tour that will take your group during the winter. However, if you are still itching to hit and crash the waves, below are several factors to consider when thinking of white water rafting in the winter.

1. Water Temperature

Unless white water rafting in Ecuador, Chile, or Italy, water temperatures can pose a dangerous threat to your excursion and should be considered when planning our journey. There are dry suits, fleeces and other water and cold weather protection items you can invest in to help combat temps, but these items are no complete solution.

2. Hypothermia

Need we say more? Cold water hitting your body, inside of your boat and wind all contribute to potential hypothermia that can be deadly.

3. Overexertion

The human body works harder in colder temperatures, as one of the body’s primary goals is to maintain homeostasis around 98.6 degrees. When your body’s temperature is below that rate, coupled with working a raft down a river’s rapids, you place yourself at risk of overexertion much faster than you would in warmer temperatures.

4. Wind

Piercing winter wind is not the same as a comforting summer breeze. Depending on the air temperatures, wind can quickly bring your body’s overall temperature down, especially if you’ve gotten soaked from the rapids, affecting general motor ability and contributing to potential hyperthermia or blood pressure drop due to chilly body temperatures.

White water rafting is fun and exciting, in proper weather conditions and we welcome you to take your next adventure with RaftOne this upcoming spring! Feel free to visit us during the winter for zip lining, or for a mountain getaway and use precaution shall you decide to raft this winter at other destinations.

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