Have An Unforgettable School Field Trip in Tennessee

What makes a school year unforgettable? It all comes down the the memories and bonds you make. Teachers and students, it is time to infuse your school year with unbeatable energy. Join RaftOne to experience adrenaline-fueled excursions in Ocoee. From rafting to camping, get the most out of your school field trip this year. 

Team Up and Ride The Rapids

Take moral lessons outside the school wall. Teach students the value of collaboration and teamwork as they navigate the rapids of the Ocoee River. Dive into the heart-pounding rush of whitewater rafting with your school group. 

Embark on a guided journey down the 1996 rafting Olympic route and bond with students and teachers alike. Learn each other’s strengths while getting splashed and drenched with fun.

Worried about safety? Leave that to RaftOne’s expert guides who are trained in Advanced Swiftwater Rescue. Give your students an experience they’ll treasure for life.

Why Go On School Field Trip

Why Go On School Field Trip

Go Beyond The Rapids

Go Beyond The Rapids

While rafting is the star of our show at RaftOne, our passion for making you explore Ocoee goes way beyond that. Zipline over the Tenessee canopy; take in the magnificent flora of the land while the breeze rushes by. Want to connect with each other on ground zero? Try mountain biking across our guided trails. And if you want to lean back and relax for the day, saddle up for a refreshing horseback ride through nature’s beauty.

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