Top Youth Group Activities On The Ocoee River

Summer youth groups are as American as apple pie and baseball games. Most of us have memories of a summer camp or youth group outing, where the great outdoors were heralded as the best place to merge bonds with friends and create new ones within a group. Many of the top youth group activities on the Ocoee River are competitively priced and sure to fit within your organization’s budget and goals.

Take your learning to the next level with an experience that helps to foster the following skills and more.


Let your natural leaders emerge from the forest floor to stand as tall as the trees surrounding. On our guided or open bike trails and nature tours, youth groups often see one, or a few, standout students take the reins to keep the group cohesive and productive. Plan a few group activities and provide a breeding ground for your leaders to cultivate their skills.

5 Reasons To Plan A Youth Group Activity On The Ocoee

  1. As an annual icebreaker
  2. Bond new members to the group
  3. Celebrate a special occasion
  4. Provide training for leadership/executive members
  5. Make study lessons more engaging (for school/religious groups)
  6. Enjoy the outdoors in the peak summer months

Sign up for white water rafting to rack up the fun under the sun. Be sure to consider the age of your group. As most groups with youth above age 12 can participate. Each rafter must be 12 years old or more to raft the Ocoee River. This rule is established by the state of Tennessee. There is no upper age limit; however, you should be in good physical health.

Outdoor And Camping Skills

Nestled among the Cherokee National Forest, if your youth group opts to camp with Raft One, there’s ample time to connect with nature and learn basic outdoor skills. Learn more about our lodging options here.

Nature Exploration And Discovery

Among the forest, venture out and admire the surrounding nature elements. Assign your group photography assignments, foliage identification challenges, or other nature activities to get your group enveloped and engaged into the local environment. Check out to get essential camping tips.

Bonding And Social Skills

Did we mention bonding? Turn off those cell phones and log off of social media. Get in touch with the humans around you when you’re on your Raft One adventure. Time away from the big city and daily routine is a perfect moment to harness one-on-one time with friends and group members to build lifelong friendships and connections.

The Ocoee River is the perfect host for your next youth group excursion. With a diversified assortment of activities to select from to not only keep your group busy, but also build critical team skills in a family-friendly environment for most ages.

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