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Save 10% on our Zipline + Rafting combo! Save big on double the adventure!

The Fun-Filled History Of The Ocoee River

The Fun-Filled History Of The Ocoee River
Welcome to the fun-filled history of the Ocoee river!


The three dams around Lake Ocoee in Tennessee feed the Ocoee River, which is called the Toccoa River in Georgia.

Two of the dams were built in 1913, conveniently before World War I broke out in Europe, and the third dam was built in 1940 as World War II for the United States seemed imminent and the need for electricity all the more necessary.

The Olympics

The Ocoee river’s ultimate rise to fame erupted with the 1996 Olympics, primarily hosted 100 miles south in Atlanta, as Olympic kayakers and boat crews raced downriver for the gold medals.

The River Today

Because the river’s cubic feet per second (cfs) are controlled by human hands, this whitewater river continues to attract adventurers from all 50 states and all other 195 nations. Why? Because the river’s output is variable. It’s also scheduled. The Ocoee’s rapids, with their varying sizes and intensities, or classes, are best travelled with a knowledgeable raft guide.

Ocoee River Events

If you’re athletic and competitive, but don’t like time-pressure on vacation, then we at Raft One have just the outdoor event for you. You may have already heard of the Ironman Triathlon that hosts a 2.4-mile (3.86 km) swimming race, followed by a 112-mile (180.25 km) bicycle race, and concluded by a 26.2-mile (42.2 km) marathon.

Well, what we offer are 8.5 miles of hiking, 18 miles of mountain biking, and 5.5 miles of white-water rafting.

The biggest difference is, aside from distance, you must complete these challenges as a team without time pressure.

The Cherokee National Forest

The region between Georgia and Tennessee is pleasant during the warmer seasons, for the terrain is elevated, so the air is cooler, and thicker foliage provides shade for hikers.

If you’re a lone wolf and prefer to enjoy these activities solo, do it in Cherokee National Forest, (CNF) which offers many nature trails. Here at Raft One, we rent out mountain bikes and boats that come with helmets and lifejackets.

You’ll also find zip-lines, plus many ideal fishing spots.

Although you may kayak alone, you really ought to ride the rapids with an experienced guide as a backup, unless you were among those who won the gold back in ‘96.

Experience The Ocoee With Raft One

With the help of our fearless raft guides, you can experience the Ocoee too. Reserve your spot for a rafting adventure today! Don’t forget to check out our lodge, complete with four bunk rooms and an exciting zip-line canopy tour course.

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