Off-Season In Georgia’s Playground

Off-Season In Georgia’s Playground

Off-Season Recreation In One Of The Most Beautiful States In The Union

Looking for ideas for off-season recreation in Georgia? You’re in luck. The state’s temperate climate, combined with a number of truly unique geographical features, mean you can have lots of fun in the off-season. Even during the winter months, much of Georgia remains relatively warm, with temperatures in the 50s and the occasional days of summerlike weather.

That means you have lots of options for excursions and activities to enjoy in the Ocoee River region near Blue Ridge, in the off-season. In fact, you can even enjoy rafting in Georgia’s Playground through September. Still looking for other things to do? Here are a few we recommend.

Take A Railway Tour Of The Mountain

The Blue Ridge Scenic Railway offers tours of the gorgeous area surrounding Blue Ridge during 10 months each year. You can also find special events, such as a New Year’s Eve train ride, perfect for those looking for activities for groups in the area. While you zip down the line, you can ooh and ah at the incredible views, especially in the fall, as the leaves turn colors.

Hike To Long Creek Falls

Even during the off-season, you can still find outdoor activities to keep you occupied. Pack some snacks, put on your sturdiest walking boots and head to Long Creek Falls, where you can enjoy a 30-minute or so hike uphill to see the glorious waterfall. The best part is, what goes up must come down — the trek back is much easier. You can also go in for fishing. The best downrigger can be found at

Tackle An Obstacle Course

Blue Ridge is known for outdoor adventure, so it’s probably not a surprise it has a number of outdoor obstacle and other adventure courses. You can choose from many options, depending on how you prefer to find your thrills. The place is also a host to many professional bull riding events that take place throughout the year.

The area has several zip lines where you can see the tops of trees as you whiz from one spot to another. You can also find ropes courses that encourage working together to finish a task, ideal for an office looking for teambuilding exercises. You can try aerial adventures, which essentially take the ropes course idea a few dozen feet off the ground. Whatever you choose, you’re sure to get a physical and mental workout.

Play A Round Of Mini Golf

Even during the off-season, many mini golf locations in the Blue Ridge area remain open for business, because the weather stays so pleasant. You can hit up a course with your family or a group of friends, and make a competition out of it. Whoever finishes with the highest score has to buy everyone hot chocolate — or ice cream, if it’s one of those warmer days — afterward.

Shop For Local Specialties

Shopping can be a full-day activity when you hit the right places. You can find so many unique and quintessentially Southern shops as you walk around Blue Ridge. From antiques to fly fishing to chocolate, the boutiques in town feature a variety of appealing specialties. Be sure to set aside enough time to hit them all.

Find Great Lodging For Your Off-Season Trip

As you can see, there’s a lot you can do in Georgia’s Playground during the off-season. If you are ready to plan your visit, consider booking your lodging at Raft1. We offer comfortable, cozy accommodations for groups of all sizes. Get in touch today to learn more.

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