Save 10% on our Zipline + Rafting combo! Save big on double the adventure!
Save 10% on our Zipline + Rafting combo! Save big on double the adventure!

Ocoee River Rafting Groupon And Half-Off Depot Discount

Looking for Groupon and Half-off discount trips? Check us out!

There are a few “tricks” that some rafting companies who are using Groupon and Half-Off Depot and other discount sites use to sell cheap trips.
First off, be aware that these companies are banking on the chance that you do not use your voucher in time. Then you will have lost your money since they will never honor expired voucher.
Next, before you decide to buy a voucher, ALWAYS call and ask about the “taxes & fees” that you will be charged at the time of your check-in. Generally you will find that the cost of their voucher plus their taxes and fees will add up to our normal discounted rate!
Also, make sure you know what happens if you are late or need to reschedule your trip. Many of these companies who use vouchers will void your voucher if you are late and won’t let you reschedule.
Last, ALL of the companies that use vouchers have drastically increased all of their T-shirt, souvenir, and picture prices to supplement their “low” rafting price.
Instead of getting reeled in by a rafting trip with a cheap price tag, please consider that we offer a similar overall price with no extra fees at time of check-in and a much more flexible rescheduling policy.

Trip Quality

If you are looking for a fun-filled and exciting trip down the Ocoee, make sure you know which company you book with and what the “deal” you are looking at is all about! All rafting companies on the Ocoee River use a bus to drive you to the put-in and then take you back to the outpost. Some bus rides can take up to 45 minutes each way! This means that the 2 1/2 hour trip that you are promised sometimes means only 1 hour on the water. Here at RaftOne, we are one of the closest Ocoee River Rafting companies to the Ocoee River. Our travel times are 22 minutes COMBINED and we will spend about 2 hours on the river. We are not worried about getting you down the river as fast as possible in order to “flip the trip” and get the next group of customers on the river. We take our time to make sure everyone gets the full experience. You get what you pay for and there are no tricks or shenanigans. Check out all of our reviews on and to see for yourself. You may pay a few more dollars, but we give the trip you are looking for. Give us a call to book with us at 1-888-723-8663.

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