Tips for Rafting with Kids

The thought of taking children along for an Ocoee white water rafting trip may seem crazy and absurd to some parents, but a lot of moms and dads would love nothing more than to give their kids an outdoor adventure of a lifetime. What better way to break free from the TV and video games for a weekend than by participating in a true, fun-filled family experience? 

How To Make Ocoee River Rafting Fun for the Whole Family

River rafting is not reserved for adult adrenaline junkies. Raft One caters to customers of all kinds, and a large percentage of our summer reservations are made by families. We have seen plenty of parents take there youngsters  along for the trip, albeit with all of the proper safety measures in place, of course!

Being adequately prepared is perhaps the most important tip we could give to moms and dads. There are not a lot of places to pull over and stop when you are out on the water, so be sure to pack enough food and drinks, and have your kids use the bathroom before departing.

Safety always comes first, and a big part of whitewater rafting is choosing the right river (or section of the river) to tour. Young children should never be exposed to rough rapids, and teen-aged kids should have sufficient preparation before any rafting trips down the dangerous parts of the Ocoee River are considered. Class IIIs and above present too much of a risk for little ones.

Lastly, remember to pack all of the  essentials , post trip beverages for you, and don’t forget about the kids!