Ocoee River Rafting Offers Great Summer Adventures For the Whole Family

If you are looking for a fun and different thing to do this family that will offer excitement and adventure for the whole family, then Raft 1 Ocoee River rafting is just what the doctor ordered! Raft 1 also has zip line rides, mountain biking and great accommodations in their cabins and camping areas.

Raft 1 has some of the best Ocoee River whitewater rafting trips that you can begin in either Copperhill, Tenn. that run from the middle, upper and lower sections of the river.  The Ocoee River has white water rapids in Class 1-4, which provide rafting journeys for anyone from beginners to experts.

Raft 1 river adventures are all led by top experienced guides who know how to help beginners get the hang of rafting the proper and safe way, as well as how to offer the more experienced crowds an exciting trek. Your Ocoee River journey allows you the opportunity for sightseeing, as well as getting the thrill of surging waters as you travel and maneuver through twists, turns and more in the nearly five mile treks.

So, if you want the time of your life, then Raft 1 has it with their Ocoee River rafting or other exciting Tennessee adventures!