Middle Ocoee vs. Upper Ocoee Rafting

Your white water rafting trip down the Ocoee River is bound to be a fun, exciting time for everyone. A 93-mile stretch through the beautiful Appalachian mountain range, this is one of the longest waterways in the southern part of the country.

Due to its various sections, each of which offer unique challenges, the Ocoee has long been a premier rafting destination for local residents and tourists across America. Raft One specializes in guided whitewater tours down the Upper and Middle Ocoee, so here is a brief overview of what you can expect to encounter on the river.

Ocoee River Rafting

You may have rafted every river on the planet, but none of them quite compare to Ocoee rafting. Rigorous is one way to describe the boulder-studded waterway. Some of the areas can be downright treacherous given the steep grade and nonstop advance of rock.

Unlike waterfall and canyon rivers commonly found in other parts of the globe, there are very few open expanses on the Upper Ocoee. This in conjunction with the 55 feet/mile grade the Ocoee’s entire stretch is known for means that you and your friends are in for quite an adventure.

The Upper Ocoee was only recently opened up for rafting trips but has already become as popular as the river’s middle section. Mikey’s Ledge is the first rapid you’ll come across. It consists of two 4- and 3-feet ledge drops, followed by a selection of three pathways. Regardless of which one you choose to embark on, all three lead to Blues Holes rapid. This is when the rapids get rough, so hold on tight and get ready to get soaked!

The Middle Ocoee is a top recommendation for adrenaline seekers. Class 3 to Class 4 rapids begin at Rogers Branch and keep going for five straight miles. Some of the more popular rapids include Double Trouble, Diamond Splitter, Hell’s Hole and Powerhouse. Trust us, the names do the Ocoee River justice!

Despite the fact there are 23 designated rapids in the middle section of the river, rookie and veteran rafters alike often contend that the 4.5-mile tour is simply two lengthy ones. If you are primarily interested in cruising on calm waters and gazing at shore-side nature, you may want to sit this tour out!

Raft One has individual tours and a combined Upper/Middle trip for determined rafters. Make sure to call and reserve your spot today!