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Middle Ocoee Vs. Upper Ocoee Rafting

Middle Ocoee Vs. Upper Ocoee Rafting

Your white water rafting trip down the Ocoee River is bound to be a fun, exciting time for everyone. The Ocoee River in Tennessee provides a thrilling playground for adventurers. This river, which runs 93 miles across the Appalachian mountain range, has grown to be a popular destination for both outdoor enthusiasts and thrill seekers.

Due to its various sections, each of which offers unique challenges, the Ocoee has long been a premier rafting destination for local residents and tourists across America. Raft One specializes in guided whitewater tours down the Upper and Middle Ocoee, so here is a brief overview of all that you can expect to encounter on Ocoee river trips.

In this blog, we will examine the variations, rapids, and other aspects of choosing between the Middle and Upper Ocoee rafting sections while planning your Ocoee River excursion.

Understanding The Ocoee River Sections

Understanding the Ocoee River’s layout is crucial before getting into the specifics. The river is split into two major portions, each about five miles long, and a dam separates them. The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) carefully regulates the water flow in these areas, assuring a thrilling and secure rafting experience for all.

Whitewater Rapid Classes And Grades

Whitewater rapids are categorized internationally on a scale from Class I (easiest) to Class VI (most challenging). The Ocoee River class rapids offer an exciting range of Class II to Class IV rapids, promising varying degrees of intensity and adventure for rafters of different skill levels. Class 3 to Class 4 rapids begin at Rogers Branch and keep going for five straight miles. Some of the more popular rapids include Double Trouble, Diamond Splitter, Hell’s Hole, and Powerhouse. Trust us, the names do the Ocoee River justice!

Upper Ocoee River

Visitors can enjoy stunning natural settings and magnificent vistas of the Ocoee Gorge as the Upper Ocoee runs through a charming forested area. Don’t be fooled by the peace and quiet though; the Upper Ocoee is home to significant Class III and IV rapids like “Mikey’s” and the iconic “Blue Hole.” When it served as the location for the canoe and kayak slalom competitions during the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, The Upper Ocoee attracted attention from all around the world.

The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) oversees the flow and release of water for Upper Ocoee rafting and regulates water levels to create an optimal setting for whitewater activities. Keep up with the TVA’s water release schedule for this segment to make sure you get the ideal water conditions for Upper Ocoee river rafting.

Middle Ocoee River

Beginning just below the dam, the Middle Ocoee rapids plunge you right into the action with the Class IV rapid known as “Grumpy’s.” From there, you have to navigate rapid after rapid while feeling an ongoing wave of adrenaline. The Middle Ocoee, one of the most popular five miles of whitewater in the country, promises never-ending thrills. Keep up with the TVA’s water release schedule for this segment to make sure you get the ideal water conditions.

Deciding Between The Upper And Middle Ocoee

Now, to the crucial question of how to decide between Upper and Middle Ocoee river rafting. Depending on your preferences and level of experience, you can choose between the Upper and Middle Ocoee. The Upper Ocoee will give you the stronger, more difficult rapids you’re craving. On the other hand, the Middle Ocoee is your playground if you enjoy endless thrills with successive rapids. The Middle Ocoee River rafting may be an exciting yet doable beginning to whitewater rafting for novice paddlers. For experienced rafters, the Full River Trip, which includes both portions for a memorable day on the water, is the ultimate adventure.

Final Word

In conclusion, the Ocoee River offers a wonderful white water rafting experience whether you select the Middle Ocoee, Upper Ocoee, or both. Every rafter, from beginners to experts can discover their ideal trip because each segment has its own special charm. So grab your sense of adventure and get ready to navigate the world-renowned rapids of the Ocoee River. Raft One provides a range of tour options, including individual trips across the Upper and Middle Ocoee sections, as well as full-day packages, to help you fulfill your Ocoee River adventure plans. Book your rafting journey today!

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