Men’s Retreats On The Ocoee

Men’s Retreats On The Ocoee

A Time To Bond And Grow

Are you considering holding a men’s retreat in the Blue Ridge, Georgia, area? A retreat can be a life-affirming experience. If you offer the right activities and affirmations, people can come away from a retreat with a renewed focus and a fresh sense of purpose.

The many benefits of attending a men’s retreat include:

  • Time to meditate on life, both the good and the bad
  • Being among people who understand you and face the same hurdles in life
  • Sharing things with new friends that you may feel uncomfortable sharing with your closest family

Many men’s retreats are affiliated with a religion or other belief system, but some are simply designed as affirmations, to fill your spirit with new energy. Whatever the purpose of your retreat, consider these things when planning it.

Embracing The Beauty Of Nature

When you plan a retreat, you should take advantage of the many opportunities afforded by the outdoors. This is one reason planning your retreat in Tennessee or Georgia is a great idea. The warmer climates in these states let you indulge in outdoor activities all year long.

Feeling closer to nature can benefit you during periods of quiet reflection. Noticing the bright colors and amazing ways water and land come together can help you gain an appreciation for your surroundings. Here are a few activities you may want to include on your retreat to give you these opportunities to commune with nature:

  • Hiking along nature trails
  • Observing stars late at night
  • Quietly reading outdoors
  • Sketching pictures of animals in your retreat area

Going On An Adventure

Adventures teach us new things about ourselves. We learn how we respond to adversity, what we value in those around us and how far we can push our bodies. Doing all of that necessitates going all in on your retreat activities. You can’t learn anything about yourself if you are not honest about your expectations and limitations.

One excellent group activity? Rafting on the Ocoee River. This outing will challenge you both physically and mentally. It will force you to rely on others for help, allowing for a vulnerability many men do not experience in their daily lives. We aren’t going to lie — it’s also a whole lot of fun, an experience you will remember long after you get home.

Some of the adventures available to your men’s group at Raft1 Outfitters on the Ocoee include:

Convenient Men's Group Lodging On The Ocoee River

Staying at a site that has access to nature and adventures such as whitewater rafting has significant advantages. You want to devote as much of your retreat as possible to experiences and reflection. You don’t want to eat up time with transportation or worrying about the logistics of getting everyone from point A to point B.

Choosing a location right on the river makes a lot of sense. At Raft1, we have accommodations perfect for men’s retreats, with a large common area and a fire ring. Our lodging is adjacent to the river, to facilitate your water adventures. With a small kitchen on-site, our location encourages you to prepare great food for your group, too.

Men's Retreat Lodging In Tennessee And Georgia

If you want a retreat location on the Ocoee River, where you can enjoy easy access to the river, there’s no better place than the Tennessee and Georgia regions. Both have advantages. They are relatively warm year-round and have a number of motels, hotels, inns and campsites.

Ultimately, the place you pick will depend on what fulfills your deepest needs, and those can vary on a men’s retreat. For a Christian group, you may care most about the opportunity for meditation or reflection. A younger group may want a place with a ropes course and sports fields.

Whatever you choose, have a theme in place and create weekend goals for your participants. It helps to have a clear idea of why you are there. Reach out to Raft1 for more information on our lodging options and how we can serve your group.

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