Save 10% on our Zipline + Rafting combo! Save big on double the adventure!
Save 10% on our Zipline + Rafting combo! Save big on double the adventure!

Group 50+

Tennessee River Rafting Packages For Large Groups Of 50 Or More

When you’re more than 50 strong, fitting your party into an amusement park isn’t easy. At RaftOne, our rafting packages for large groups make it easy to have fun and excitement during your family reunion, school field trip or team-building sessions. Plus, you stay cool. And dry? Guess again.

Take the plunge down the Ocoee River, which features 30 named rapids, for the most unforgettable experience by booking your crew’s trip today. Try out the Canopy Tour, while you are at it, where your team can connect in the treetops, zipping from tree to tree. Get tangled and tested on the Challenge Course, making your team solve fun and technical low ropes elements. Also, we can lodge and feed the group here on the property. Most 2 day trip range between $95 – $160 a person.

Exciting Trips For Large Groups Looking To Get Wet

Ocoee River makes your white-water rafting experience thrilling, but our team of expert rafters makes your journey memorable. And — if you like their homemade jokes — humorous. We’ve become known as a fun form of recreation for large groups, who range from:


Companies love to bring their teams to RaftOne for a few reasons. One, we provide a team-building experience. Two, we offer a fun environment. Three, we give co-workers a chance to bond and become a team inside and outside the workplace.

It’s also an excellent way to celebrate company milestones, like reaching a certain amount of sales or achieving a Certificate of Excellence on TripAdvisor. Yes, we inspired that last example. A venture down the Ocoee River is an exciting trip for large groups and can help you reach your goal of successful collaboration and communication among your team.

As one group summed up their experience,

“We had a great team-building experience on the river…Will definitely be going back,” with another adding, “My group observed all the other groups throughout the day and it was obvious that RaftOne boats were having a much better time.”

Family Reunions:

If you’re looking for a great family vacation in Georgia or Tennessee, don’t pass up Raft1. We make it easy to host your family reunion at RaftOne. Not only do we have two lodges, which can host 60 people, but we also have several campsites available. So, paddle through the Ocoee River during the day and then relax in your cabin for the evening.

We’re one of the best family reunion destinations in Georgia because we provide a thrilling experience on the water, but also a place to stay when you and the rest of your party are worn out from a day on the rapids. Our knowledgeable guides also work to ensure your family experiences the rapids together.

We keep younger rafters entertained too, as one parent mentioned,

The kids went from, ‘Why are we doing this?’ to, ‘Let’s do this again next year!’

School Field Trips:

We require all rafters to be at least 12 years old, so if you’re searching for a new field trip for your middle or high school students from schools in Georgia, Tennessee, or even farther, it may be time to bring them to RaftOne. Instead of standing in line at an amusement park, your class gets to be on the water, paddling through exciting rapids with their classmates.

Our rafting packages for large groups can also include our combo package, which provides lunch. This way you don’t have to worry about finding a restaurant or other location to host your students. Many teachers bring their students to RaftOne year after year because of the experience and our guides.

As one teacher remarked,

For the past three years, I have been bringing middle school age students,” adding, “RaftOne can’t be topped when it comes to handling our students.

Besides having fun, our core goal at RaftOne is to ensure your safety. That’s why we always go over safety procedures before heading out on the water and provide helmets and life vests, plus wetsuits during cooler months.

Book Your Large Group S Rafting Package On The Ocoee River Today

Our rafting packages for large groups offer you excitement, memories and steep discounts. For parties of more than 50 people, we provide a 15 percent discount. And if you’re bringing more than 100 rafters, we offer a different rate. Prepare to have the time of your life by booking your rafting adventure today!

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