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Save 10% on our Zipline + Rafting combo! Save big on double the adventure!

Can You Still Go Rafting In The Rain On The Ocoee River?

If you’re planning on going whitewater rafting you should be prepared to get a little wet.

Okay, you’re going to get drenched.

The Ocoee has Class I, II, III and IV segments. You can expect moderate to intense waves that don’t care that water is supposed to stay outside of the raft. The Ocoee River goes where it wants to go and if you’re floating on top of its water then your raft is fair game.

No need to worry – your raft will hold up just fine. It’s self-draining, so it can handle the water coming into the craft and keep everyone afloat.

Bring it on, you say?

Okay. What about rafting during the rain on the Ocoee? Is that possible? Is that legal? Is that sane?

Of course!

Many people enjoy rafting in the rain. The rain adds to the fun and excitement of tackling the river. The rain swells the river and makes the rapids more rambunctious.

What To Wear When Whitewater Rafting In The Rain

Ideally, you’ll already be wearing a swimsuit so you’ll be ready for the water.

You can’t wear a hooded rain poncho in the raft but a hat will give you some protection from the rain.

The trees surrounding the river will also give you some coverage from the rain.

If you know in advance that the weather will be rainy you can wear a light rain jacket or splash jacket.

Bring a set of dry clothing and towels for later. You can keep them on land while you show the river who’s boss.

Whitewater Rafting On The Ocoee Fun For All Rain Or Shine?

Whitewater rafting, whether it’s rainy or sunny, is a great experience for friends, family, and colleagues. As long as members of your party are 12 years old and over they can enjoy rafting on the Ocoee.

Whitewater rafting is also a great team building activity for companies and youth programs.

No experience is necessary to enjoy whitewater rafting on the Ocoee River. You’ll be accompanied on your trip by one of our professional river guides. They’ll help you and your party navigate the Ocoee.

Don’t let so-called inclement weather stop you and your friends from your quest to conquer the Ocoee. Rain or shine, you will still have the the most rip-roaring adventure of your lives.

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