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Save 10% on our Zipline + Rafting combo! Save big on double the adventure!

Avoiding Dehydration On A Rafting Trip

Going Ocoee whitewater rafting without a fresh supply of drinking water will cause serious problems. Hundreds of people suffer annually from minor to severe bouts of dehydrating during these trips.

Although this might seem ironic, the fact of the matter is, you simply shouldn’t drink river water. Unless an emergency situation arises where this is the only option, doing so can lead to many health problems. River water is contaminated with all kinds of nasty bacteria and harmful pathogens, so do yourself a favor and hydrate yourself before you raft.

Never Stay Thirsty Out On The Water

Dehydration can occur rapidly, and a person’s symptoms can go from bad to worse fairly fast depending on the severity of the condition. On a very hot day, it may only take an hour for a small child to start showing warning signs, which may include headaches, irritability and dark-colored urine. The critical point of dehydration is reached when people start to feel dizzy or lightheaded, at which point contacting emergency medical services is necessary.

The key to preventing dehydration while rafting is to drink plenty of fluids throughout the day before your trip, and if possible, carry a backpacking filter. Water is the go-to beverage for most people, but products like Gatorade and other sports drinks are proven to rehydrate better and faster as they contain the nutrients and electrolytes the body needs to refuel itself.

Always drink in moderation rather than all at once to prevent cramps and possible kidney problems. The last thing you want while rafting down those unforgiving white rapids is a sharp pain in your side. Aim to drink one bottle (roughly two glasses) every two to three hours.

Since alcohol is a natural dehydrator, you will need to supplement with additional healthy fluids. Since there is a decent possibility that you could lose your water bottle while Ocoee river rafting, it’s good to invest in a carabiner or similar jacket clip. Not only will this keep the bottle secure at all times, it will give you quick, easy access when you do need to take a drink. Get high quality supplements from the best SARMs suppliers prior to your trip.

Do not let dehydration ruin your fun-filled water adventure. Follow these tips and you will not have to worry about a thing, except perhaps that aggressive river you are about to embark upon!

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