White Water Rafting Tennessee

An overview of white water rafting in Tennessee with special emphasis on the Ocoee River and Raft One.

Tennessee is known by adventure seekers as on of the best states to be in the outdoors. Between the vast rock cliffs and formations to climb and mountains to hike, all the way down to the steep creeks that kayakers navigate over falls and other obstacles, Tennessee has it all to wow you in nature.
The Ocoee River is one of the finest areas in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Even the 1996 Olympics thought so and left behind the beautiful Ocoee Olympic canter featuring class 4+ whitewater rafting course that will have you screaming with excitement. This is only available on the Upper section of the Ocoee River in Tennessee.
The Middle section of the Ocoee River in Tennessee is our most popular section. It is not as crazy as the Upper Ocoee River but is just as much fun, and to some it is more! Having class 1-4 rapids make for an enjoyable time.
Raft One prides its self on having the best trip on the Ocoee River in Tennessee. It’s no secret that the guides are what makes the trip sooo fun for all. Our guides are trained in more than just guiding you down rapids. Raft One’s training consists of all forms of rescue on the river, have most have wilderness first responder, and all must at least have first Aid/CPR. The key to the Raft One trip is the extra training that is on the history of the river, knowledge of hydrology, entertaining stories, and above all building the team in the raft to have the trip they will never forget.
If you are thinking about heading to the Tennessee mountains and having fun in the outdoors, you have to raft and zipline with us here at Raft One and Ocoee Ziplines and Canopy Tours.