What To Wear for a Zipline Adventure in the Ocoee Canopy?

When you come out on a rafting trip, there’s a lot more that you can do when you’ve finished conquering the Ocoee river. That includes things like horseback riding, bike riding and hiking.

Or, if you’re really spirited and quite brave you can climb up to the tree tops and hook to a hanging carabiner – a metal ring that snaps shut and lets you dangle dizzily from the forest canopy. Then you know what happens?

What To Wear For a Zipline Adventure in the Ocoee Canopy | Raft OneWe push you out of a tree!

But you won’t fall – you’ll woosh along a metal wire that is strung between the trunks on a pulley. You’ll make a zipping sound – hence the name Zip Line.

If yes, then we know the first thing you’re thinking is what to wear when going ziplining.

The outfit starts from the ground up.

Your shoes should be closed toe and not open, because you never know what you’re going to be running into on your journey aloft or along the zipline. Wear tennis shoes or hiking shoes. You can check out best hiking boots in 2019 here for some good hiking shoes.

Croc-style shoes, sandals or water shoes are a no no. Leave them back by the cabin.

You can wear shorts, long pants or capris, shirts with sleeves or tops. You’re going to be strapped into a harness, which means a tank top will leave you chafed – be smart and cover up.

In addition, you’ll find that when you’ve climbed high into the trees the weather will get colder than when you’re on the ground. Bring a light jacket, sweatshirt or even a long sleeve shirt. This is especially important for the moment you leave the platform and start careening along the zip line, because you’ll be whipping through the wind, which can leave you chilled.

Consider the repercussions of wearing a skirt in the blowing wind high above the forest floor, and plan accordingly.

Also, you don’t want to be preoccupied with how cold you are as you’re screaming through the atmosphere.

If you’ve got long hair, put it into a ponytail. That will keep you safe from painful pulley treatment, or from getting tangled in any ropes. The same is true for jewelry and loose clothing. You’ll be wearing a helmet, and everything on your head will have to be tucked into it or hang under it.

If you’re wearing sunglasses – consider attaching them with a strap to keep them from tumbling down off your face to the forest floor far, far below.

Finally, consider using sunscreen and applying it about 30 minutes prior to your zip, so it doesn’t affect the equipment. And if you take a camera, think about how you’ll carry it while zipping so it doesn’t fall to its doom. A fanny pack may help you with that.

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