All You Need To Know About Ziplining

Have you always wanted to take outdoor fun to the next level? The Ocoee rafting pros at Raft One have you covered and want to tell you a little more about ziplining.

About the Ziplining Scene

As far as outdoor recreation goes, nothing quite compares to soaring ultra fast over treetops from an aerial cable. It’s one of the closest experiences you will get to skydiving and bungee jumping, but in no way is it any less exhilarating. The mere thought of being suspended hundreds of feet above the ground is terrifying for some people, which is why our river rafting and ziplining course guides feel compelled to say this is an extremely safe activity. 

It is perfectly normal to be afraid of trying new things, especially if you have a fear of heights, but know that zip lines are ridden by millions of people every year, and very rarely do accidents happen. In most cases, it is homemade, not commercially-approved, zip lines that inflict harm, so it is important to be aware of the company running the zip-line operation.

Zip lines (also referred to as zip wires, aerial rope slides, aerial runways and flying foxes) are rudimentary in design. A cable is attached to a single pulley on a downward slope. The zip liner is clipped to the cable via a safety harness and is subsequently propelled to the bottom of the cable with the help of gravity. Some ziplining courses create tree-mounted platforms, allowing customers to move from tree to tree.

Since you will be securely strapped, do not be afraid to look down as you go. This is the whole point of the tour and is a major part of the ziplining experience. In addition to offering Ocoee river rafting trips, Raft One also has a full-service zip-line tour. Our Ocoee Zipline Canopy Tour is the best way to get an aerial view of the gorgeous Blue Ridge mountain range and Cherokee National Forest. Whether you are a first-timer or a seasoned zipliner, this definitely is an unforgettable experience!