Michael Parrott (Parrot)

Parrott, Raft One trip leader and Ocoee guide gives a pre trip safety briefing.What is it about Michael Parrott that makes him one of the most requested guides on the Ocoee River? This soft spoken, bear of a man smiles when he answers,

“I guess it comes from my time waiting tables at Henry’s Louisiana Grill in Acworth. I learned how to figure out and anticipate what people want. When I guide I try to give each group the type of trip they want.”

And after 10 years of guiding on the Ocoee, Parrott has the skills to deliver, from wild to mild it’s all on the menu.

Recently a young lady (12 years old) commented to her friends after her rafting trip with Parrott.

“At first I was really scared, not of the river but of our guide. He looks like a big, scary biker dude. But he was so much fun and so nice. I had the BEST time!.”

When not rafting Parrott enjoys enjoys snowboarding, fishing and kayaking, but things are about the change. Michael and Chantelle (Parrott’s wife) are expecting a baby boy in December.


Life Philosophy: Go with the Flow.


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