Your Ocoee River Guides

When you go whitewater rafting, the guide makes all the difference. If you’re looking for your Raft One guide or want to find out more about our guides, you’ve come to the right page. Just click on the guide’s name or picture and you’ll be taken to the guide’s personal page. From there you can find the guide’s Raft One Facebook page. You are welcome to leave comments on the guide’s page or Facebook page.

Raft One Guide on the Ocoee River Dusty Rogers Raft One Ocoee rafting guide Ben_HS_crop
Brent Rogers Dusty Rogers Adam Austin Ben Blanford
Blake Tolbert Brad Baker Chris Moore Clay Hicks
 Collin_HS_crop Raft One Guide on the Ocoee River- Daniel Tardy
Collin Barnes Dameon Plume Daniel Tardy Derek “Bear” Case
Gavin Shelton Raft One Ocoee guide.
Eric Shewey Gavin Shelton Jay “Coot” Cox Jeremy Mahoney
Jess_HS_crop Raft One Guide on the Ocoee River-Joey Fadden  Kate_HS_crop
Jess Moffitt Joey Fadden Justin Hobday Kate Gardiner
Kaurie Wiggins Kerrie Knox Luke Johnson Mandy Rhoden
Matt Miller Raft One Ocoee River guide and Ocoee canopy tour guide. Matt Price Michael Parrott (parrott) Raft One Ocoee guide
Matt Miller Matt “Prom” Price Micheal Parrott Mike Coburn
Nick_Patton_HS_crop    Sam_Fey_HS_crop
Nick Patton  Phillip Hoover PJ Neyman Samantha Fey
Scott Stanford  Taylor Brodowsky Tony Padalino  Tyler Shepherd
Zach Fey
Will Koehler  Zach Fey

What makes our guides exceptional? First, they’re skilled at what they do and they’re experienced doing it. All of our guides undergo rigorous training that far exceeds Tennessee’s instruction standards for raft guides on the Ocoee River. Our trainees learn and understand the fundamentals of working with rafts: airing up boats, tying knots and maneuvering rafts with skill. They also practice river safety precautions, including plans in case of an emergency. They practice guiding rafts on the river many times and are placed in difficult situations where their decisions have immediate consequences. By the time the trainees become full-fledged guides, they both know the river and rafting well and know how to make good decisions fast.

In addition to being skilled at navigating rafts, our guides love being outdoors – and they love the river! Rafting season is the highlight of the year for Raft One guides.

What does this combination of raft experience and love of rafting mean practically? Our guides are more than prepared to take clients on the best adventure-filled rafting trips possible – and they’re passionate about doing just that.

Interested in learning more? To read more about what it takes to become a Raft One raft guide, see our blog post. To learn about Raft One and the love for rafting behind its founding, read our “About Us” page.

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