Ocoee River Zipline Canopy Tour Adds Zing to Your Day!

After you have had the excitement of surging down the Ocoee River on one of Raft 1’s famous Ocoee River rafting treks, you can opt to go on one of Raft 1’s other exciting adventures awaiting visitors to the Copper Hill, Tenn. area.

One of these thrilling journeys is done via a mile long zipline cable where you will zing down the mountainside while getting fantastic views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Cherokee Forest. You will be equipped with the proper safety helmet and other needed gear to use during this journey of a lifetime.

The Ocoee River Zipline Canopy Tour also features invigorating things along the way like cargo nets and bridges to traverse along the outing. There are also tree top towers from which you can view the forest floor hundreds of feet below!

The whole family can enjoy this, especially if they like speed and excitement. And the Zipline tour is led by experienced Raft 1 guides, so even if you have never done one before, you can safely participate in this marvelous trek.

Come to Raft 1 and sign up to day for the Ocoee River Zipline Canopy Tour or one of the Ocoee River white water rafting adventures down the rapids! These two trips are the chance of a lifetime that you won’t want to miss!