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19 Oct 2023

Mountain Bike Safety Tips

A thrilling outdoor activity that delivers the ideal balance of adrenaline and scenic beauty is mountain biking. Safety should always come first, whether you’re gliding through bumpy trails, tackling steep descents, or negotiating tricky obstacles. If you are wondering how dangerous is mountain biking, don’t worry, we are here to provide you with all mountain biking tips, along with a list of all the mountain biking protective gear you need. We’ll go over important mountain bike safety gear advice in […]

27 Jun 2012

Ocoee River Zipline Canopy Tour Adds Zing to Your Day!

After you have had the excitement of surging down the Ocoee River on one of Raft 1’s famous Ocoee River rafting treks, you can opt to go on one of Raft 1’s other exciting adventures awaiting visitors to the Copper Hill, Tenn. area. One of these thrilling journeys is done via a mile long zipline cable where you will zing down the mountainside while getting fantastic views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Cherokee Forest. You will be equipped […]