Please answer the following questions to help us give you the best discount possible. An email will be sent to you with your discount, shortly after your submission of the following form.

Please know that on the Ocoee River there are many different companies and there are many different locations.  Some companies are good and some are not.  You should ask for a few questions about: WILL I GET CHARGE ANY OTHER TAXES OR FEES ONCE I GET TO THE OUTPOST?  This is a trick that may companies on the Ocoee River do, along with online discount stores (Groupon), so that they can raise the price on you.  This is an terrible trick and shouldn’t be tolerated.  We would never do that at Raft One.  HOW LONG IS THE BUS RIDE? (5 mins there and 12 mins back with Raft One.. the least distance to the Ocoee River)  AGE OF EQUIPMENT? (under 3 years with Raft One)  HOW LONG DO WE SPEND ON THE RIVER (Raft One spends the longest with 2.25 hours on the Middle and 5.5 on the Full River… We can because of the short bus ride)  FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW AND WE’LL DO OUR BEST TO FIGURE OUT AN OCOEE RVIER DISCOUNT.IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS OR WANT TO COMPARE RATES, GIVE US A CALL AT 1-888-723-8663.  WE ARE HAPPY TO EXPLAIN WHAT YOU ARE REALLY BEING CHARGED FOR WITH OUR COMPETITORS!Ocoee Rafting Discounts