Ocoee Guided Rafting

Dusty Rogers guiding raft on Ocoee River

Dusty Rogers guiding a raft through Hells Hole on the Ocoee River.

Meet the rapids on our Ocoee River guided rafting trips.
We’ll introduce you. But be warned – you will get wet!

The Ocoee River was named in native Cherokee for the purple passionflower. Like its namesake, it’s a fast flowing vine of the Hiwassee. So fast that it gained international fame for hosting the 1996 Olympic canoeing slalom competitions. It boasts one of the most enjoyable whitewater runs in the United States, with 250,000 visitors a year and several miles of constant class III and IV rapids.
Bring your family and friends who are 12 years old and up for the time of your lives. The Ocoee is a true challenge for people who don’t want a calm, gliding ride, and we help as many people enjoy it as possible.

But, It’s Not For Everyone

You don’t just float through the middle Ocoee. The class three and four rapids in the Ocoee are tough to get over, or around, and once you’re inside one they can quickly take control if you aren’t paddling. But don’t worry, the powerful currents and surf are no match for our expert guides who steer your raft around tight ledges and hydraulics to help you out-paddle the big waves.
Plus the water isn’t too rough… It’s just enough!

Your Safety

All commercial rafts on the Ocoee River are guided by professionals, seasoned river guides who know the twists and rapids not just by sight and name, but by experience. They’ve rafted down the river a billion times at least if not, maybe ten billion, and proudly call the Ocoee River their backyard.
The State of Tennessee requires all guides to be certified in CPR and First Aid. Not only are all of our Raft One guides certified, they’re additionally trained in Advanced Swiftwater Rescue, under the guidelines established by the American Canoe Association.

Your Paddle

When riding the Ocoee, the only thing that will be keeping us on track is the paddle in your hands. You’re part of a crew – some of whom you’ll know, and some you may not – but from the moment you hit the water, you’re a team responsible for navigating the rocks and swirling surf. Your guide will steer the raft at the rear while you sit in front and paddle with all you’ve got.
Even if you’ve never rafted before, your weatherworn guide will help with and tell you what to do. That might be to paddle really hard forward or backward. All of that teamwork and eagle-eyed guidance will get even the first-timer over the roughest rapids in one piece.

Your Raft

Your craft is made of an extremely tough fabric created with PVC plastic. It’s air is held inside an inner chamber, so even a puncture of the outer shell won’t deflate the raft.
Additionally the raft is divided into 9 separate air compartments. If one of them deflates, the remaining air inside the raft stays put. Your raft is even self-bailing, which means when the Ocoee’s waves fill it up after a rapid, we don’t have to bail out the water. That’s important, because rapids like Grumpy won’t give you time to think about anything but holding on and paddling hard!

Your Team

Your raft can hold up to 7 paddlers, plus your guide. Depending on the number of people on a particular trip, each raft may contain as few as two people. It means more work – but you’ll be guaranteed an exhilarating experience.
We divide groups that are larger than 7 between two rafts. Groups of 4 people or less are usually paired with other small groups to make 6 or 7 person crews.

Your River

Known as the Ocoee River in Tennessee, and the Toccoa River in Georgia, it stretches for 93 miles, beginning at the Ocoee Lake, and ending in the Blue Ridge Lake with three dams in between. These dams control the levels of water in the Ocoee River and typically release 1250 cubic feet per second during the summer. The State of TN requires that no commercial crafts launch at 4000 cfs or above.
The Ocoee is a class III river with 30 named rapids. Three of these are actually class IV rapids, making a run down the Ocoee the most intense experience that a beginning rafter can comfortably try.

Your Rafting Trip

Take the plunge. Call Raft One today to book the wildest, wettest trip you’ve ever had. 1-888-723-8663

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