Ocoee Guided Rafting

Guided Raft Adventures

All commercial rafts on the Ocoee River are guided by professional guides. The State of Tennessee requires all guides to be certified in CPR and First Aid. Raft One guides are additionally trained in Advanced Swiftwater Rescue under the guidelines established by the American Canoe Association.

Dusty Rogers guiding raft on Ocoee River

Dusty Rogers guiding a raft through Hells Hole on the Ocoee River.


Crew Participation

Rafting the Ocoee River is done in paddle rafts. This means that to successfully navigate the river the guide depends on the efforts of the crew. The guides steers the raft from the rear while the crew provides the momentum by paddling forward or backwards. The guide will yell commands letting the crew know what to do so even first time rafters can easily run the most difficult rapids of the Ocoee River.


The rafts

The rafts hold up to 7 people (8 including the guide). Depending on the number of people rafting on a particular trip each raft may have as few as 2 or as many as 7 people per raft. Groups larger than 7 are divided up between the rafts. Groups of 4 or less are usually paired with other small groups to make 6 or 7 person crews.

The rafts are made out of a extremely tough fabric impregnated with PVC plastic. The air is held in separate tubes so even a puncture of the outer shell won’t deflate the raft. Additionally the raft is divided into 9 separate air chambers so even if one chamber were to loose air the raft will remain navigable.

All Raft One rafts are self bailing so you won’t need to bail the water out of the raft after big rapids.


The Ocoee River

The Ocoee River is a class IV river. This is the highest rating an inexperienced rafter should attempt. The river ratings are based on the difficulty of the hardest rapids on the river. Despite its Class IV rating only 3 of the more than 30 named rapids on the Ocoee River are Class IV.

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